Yong Zhigao won the TS16949 certification

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                Yong Zhigao won the TS16949 certification

                Published:2014-7-12 Posted by:yzg@sirivarlaw.com

                  After a long active preparation about TS16949 certification. Recently,we passed the audit of the Expert Group, and received the TS16949 automotive quality management system certification. It is a higher demand on product in company `s development process.The TS16949 system contains all the content in IOS system.It is a higher and more comprehensive system.The certification is a great signification for Yong Zhigao.

                Firstly,the quality management system proposed requests for the production quality in suppliers and service parts.Only by established a standard quality management system combine TS16949 specification and other quality system standard, and obtain TS16949 certification,we can access to international and domestic automobile manufactures purchasing circle.

                Secondly,it will improve our work efficiency.The ISO/TS16949 technique specification not only requested the corporate quality system,but also provided a number of effective, practical control procedures and methods.such as quality pre-planing,measurement system analysis,production approval progress,etc. Using these methods in a proper way,the work efficiency will be raised,and the power of Yong Zhigao will be enhanced.It is helpful for us to make focus on customers and to form a conscious to meet customers requirements by running TS16949 system.Meanwhile,the satisfaction of products and services provided by enterprise will be constantly improved .

                Thirdly, it will prevent and reduce the substandard products after running TS16949 system.The TS16949 specification confirmation from product planning,design&development,manufacturing process design,confirmation of the production process,analysis and control of substandard products,many preventive measures to control the process of nonconforming product.Analyze and identify the potential defects in production process.Develop an appropriate measures to decline the substandard products,reduce scrap losses,cut down the costs and the products quality will be improved significantly.

                TS16949 management system is an international system.we gained it through strict supervision and regular audits.That means our company has reached the requirements in law and in scientific.High work efficience and high rate of qualified products bring us a greater economic and social benefit. To be sure that our company is able to stabilize the production of qualified products as well as excellent products,which play a very important role in the company`s image.

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